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Making Clean Food for You and Your Baby- Recipes

Making Clean Food for You and Your Baby- Recipes

Posted by Halal Pastures on 12th Jun 2020

Do you make separate meals- one for your family and one for your baby? I have learned that you don’t need to do that. As a mom to 3 young children, I make healthy food that everyone can eat. My baby, Salahudeen, is 10 months old and he has been eating what our family eats since he was 6 months old Alhamdilah. I just puree about 1 cup of food from what lunch or dinner I cook. Here are a couple of my go-to recipes that work for the entire family.

Oven Roasted butternut squash, oven roasted Halal Pastures’ chicken and jasmine rice


Halal Pastures’ Organic Halal Whole Chicken

Olive oil






Organic Butternut Squash

Jasmine Rice (or any rice you like to make)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.

1.    The Halal Pastures’ whole chicken is perfect for this meal. In a roasting pan, place your Halal Pastures’ whole chicken in the center. Season the chicken with generous amounts of salt, pepper, olive oil, lemon, garlic and onions. Roast the Halal Pastures’ chicken for about 1.5-2hrs , making sure to turn the chicken over every 30 minutes. This allows the chicken to get that nice roasted color on the whole chicken.

2.    Peel and slice an organic butternut squash. Lather the butternut squash with generous amounts of olive oil, salt and pepper. Lay the slices on a pan and let it roast in an oven until it gets a light brown. Maybe about 45 minutes.

3.    Make Jasmine rice (or any kind of rice that you like).

Once the meal is done, you can just take about 1/2 cup of the roasted butternut squash, 1/2 cup of the Halal Pastures’ chicken and about a tablespoon of rice and puree for the baby. Make sure to puree the food to a consistency that your baby likes. You can use the juices from the roasted Halal Pastures’ chicken to thin out the puree (or you can use water).

Sauteed kale and Halal Pastures’ boneless skinless chicken breast and a side of brown rice


Halal Pastures Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast

Organic Kale



Olive Oil

Brown Rice (or any rice that you like to make)

1.   Add chopped kale to the mix and Sautee them all together. Add some salt and pepper to taste. Cook the kale just long enough that the leaves wilt but are still a nice green- about 5-8 min.

2.  In a separate pan, chop up an onion and garlic and sautee them in olive oil for a few minutes. Cut the Halal Pastures’ boneless skinless chicken breast into small cubes and then add them to the garlic and onion mix. Cook for about 8-10 min on medium heat and covered. The chicken should be fully cooked and juicy. Add the kale to the chicken.

3.  Make brown rice or any rice you would like.

To make your baby’s food just puree about 1 cup of the kale and chicken and 1 tablespoon of rice. Add water until you reach the consistency of the puree that your baby likes. (BTW, you can switch out the kale for swiss chard or spinach or zucchini.)

It’s true that we want to feed our babies clean food. We want every bite they eat to be packed with nutrition. And inshaAllah these recipes will be satisfying for your baby and your entire family!


Always Halal. Always Organic

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