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"Excellent meat, mA! The quality was excellent. One of the people we ate it with said it tasted like meat from qurbani, that's how fresh it tasted. Packaging was excellent, shipping was fast and perfect (dry ice box). Thank you Halal Pastures! Will definitely be trying again." -- S. Shariff


"Alhamdulillah, so happy to have this wonderful company offering top quality meats that are so easy to order through a few simple clicks. Not to mention, the customer service is beyond exceptional! Every time I have a question or concern, I am exceptionally pleased with their service and passion to serve the customer. Will continue to order from this wonderful company iA. Thank you Halal Pastures!" -- Anonymous


"We've been getting all of our beef, chicken and turkey from Halal Pastures for almost a year now - the quality has consistently been excellent (always fresh) and it tastes delicious. We live in Virginia and the meat always arrives frozen solid and ready to put into the freezer. Plus, the meat is always nicely cleaned and trimmed, which makes it much easier to cook (less preparation time needed). We also feel good that the animals are treated humanely and fed a natural diet without antibiotics." -- Zafar, VA 


"When I opened the bag, I smelled grass." -- Leo, New York


"I've ordered various beef cuts from Halal pastures over the past few months - every single order has been outstanding. Precise delivery times, excellent cuts, and competitive pricing. I guarantee - if you compare the prices of your local organic/non-gmo/ethically raised/etc local market/grocer to Halal Pasture's prices, you will be pleasantly surprised that Halal Pasture's prices are competitive, with the added bonus that the meat is HALAL." -- Anonymous


 The meat is fresh and delicious. The delivery is prompt and meat is well packed. Overall great experience and customer service." -- Fariha, New York


"Halal and organic! The only way to go. The cleanest, freshest, best meat I ever had. This is some great steak. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, for doing things the right way with organic and pasture raised animals and for having the wisdom and righteousness in taken care of the earth that Allah blessed us with by means of your farming practices." -- Rashid, New Jersey


"Actually, I am more amazed on your professionalism than the products you sell. You are very courteous, punctuate and open to critiques. I am impressed!" -- Ihsane, New York


"Last week got my order of whole lamb delivered to my home. Excellent service and excellent taste. Jazak Allahu Khairan. Malik".


"I am impressed with the professionalism, and swift shipping. The quality of the food is unmatched the beef smells like the beef i used to smell when my grandma cooked for us, the chicken wasnt humongous and full of hormones and you could seriously taste the freshness and the difference of other organic meats and halal meats. To have both of these qualities (organic/halal) is truly the way meat should be eaten. Fyi, the burgers are everything!" -- JB


"I feel so grateful tohave found a provider of not just zabiha halal meats, but actually tayeb/halal in the full sense of the terms." -- Saul, Michigan


"Props to the Halal Pastures team for great customer service - we'll order again based on the quality of their service alone. Meat arrived in Buffalo, NY - was packed well and still cold. The HP representative reassured me about what to expect with the delivery and was more than willing to resend my order if I wasn't satisfied. The shaved steak was amazing. It was clearly fresh and a quality cut of meat - with low fat content. My four year old (who had never liked red meat before this experience) asks for steak every day now. The shaved steak cooks so tender and only takes 4 minutes. So, based on the quality of the meat, we'll be repeat customers for certain.  I commend HP for making non-GMO halal meat an option for us and doing it with the level of service they offer puts them at the top of my list. My first experience with HP exceeded my expectations. I hope the muslim community appreciates and continues to support their business." -- Asma, NY 


"I cooked the chicken with ginger and basil. it's so flavorful. the meat is a bit tougher than conventional chicken -- so I actually like it because it feels like I'm eating MEAT and have to chew it properly. and the bones are strong. I loved it. I never did really like chicken much but maybe after all I do like REAL chicken. And since it's not injected with water based solution when you cook it, it doesn't shrink. Overall, it's good for me AND it's raised humanely! You can't beat that!" -- Shazia, Texas


"Alhamdulillah! I got my order on Wednesday. I'm so pleased with everything. MashaAllah. I made bone broth immediately  I'll be ordering again in sha Allah!" -- Latasha, Mississippi


"I have had many burgers, but this one was by far the best Masha Allah. The burgers arrived in vacuum sealed packages and were still fresh as if they were made 1 minute 31 seconds ago." -- Ali


"My order came on the expected date; I could not wait to bake my first chicken, it was so fresh and delicious, I can not wait to place my next order." -- Anonymous


"Excellent steaks!! Thank you will definitely order again." -- Nuha


"The chicken and hamburgers got rave reviews from my family! Can't wait to try the other cuts of meat. I have always been very pleased, not only with the meat but also with the very personal and prompt customer service. Jazak Allahu Khairn Halal Pastures." -- Sharon, Tennessee




Always Halal. Always Organic

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