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Our Philosophy

Always Halal. Always Organic.

Our mission at Halal Pastures is to bring great tasting, wholesome, halal meats and meat products directly to you.  We assure you that the process is traceable and transparent from the farm to your table. We strive to earn your trust as ethical suppliers of truly halal and tayeb products, and to delight you with the quality and ease of delivery of our products.

We want for your family what we want for our family: healthy, wholesome, pure foods, produced by people who care about the end product, its beginning and the process in between. Allah SWT has given us all the resources we need to have tayeb foods; our goal is to utilize those resources as fully as possible.

The animals and birds are raised on organic pastures and when supplemental feeds are required non-GMO organic grains are used.  None of our animals and birds will ever be mistreated or physically abused. They will never be given growth hormones, antibiotics or harmful feeds. Following a natural way of life for the animal or the bird allows us to produce quality and healthy meats. We do not use petroleum based fertilizers, antibiotics, cheap GMO feeds, large feed lot fattening pens, or factory line slaughter plants. 


Always Halal. Always Organic

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