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Dry-Aging for Maximum Taste Impact

Dry-Aging for Maximum Taste Impact

Posted by Halal Pastures on 30th Jan 2020

There are a lot of factors that go into making great tasting beef, and one of them is dry-aging.  We dry-age our beef for 10-14 days in a pretty extensive process.  The entire carcass is placed in a temperature and humidity controlled environment.  That environment helps the natural enzymes on the meat to break down the muscle tissue.  And by breaking down the muscle tissue, the meat becomes tender and develops the full flavor of the beef.  We shave the part of the carcass that has been exposed to the air to reveal the tenderized part.  The shaved part gets discarded and we process the rest of the beef. 

Dry-aging is usually reserved for the higher end cut of steaks- but we do this for the entire beef carcass.  We just noticed that our meat is so much tastier when it is all dry aged.  From our steaks to ground beef to burger patties to roasts to kabobs to stews to sausages to deli meat, they all have been tenderized and flavorized (our made up word lol) through our dry-aging process.  And that is part of what makes Halal Pastures' beef so irresistible.  100% grass-fed, certified organic and zhabiha halal--you are getting quality meats with maximum taste impact. 


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