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Whole Lamb Udhaya/Qurbani- Donation Flat Rate

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    We have partnered with the Food Bank of NYC to distribute the lamb qurbani/udhaya to those families and individuals in need within New York City. The Food Bank of NYC is excited to get meat that is zhabiha Halal and grass-fed. Food Bank For New York City’s food distribution program provides more than 121 million free meals per year for New Yorkers in need. They go on to explain that "Food donations are vital to our ability to enable soup kitchens and pantries to serve our city’s most vulnerable. Whether your business is in the food industry or not, or whether you plan to make a difference solo or as a member of a team, there’s a New Yorker who needs you, and many ways for you to serve." 

    The lambs offered for donations are grass-fed, healthy and antibiotic free. The lambs will meet shariah requirements and will be at least 6 months of age, healthy and fully intact (i.e. no tails duct, etc.).  In other words, they will be in prefect condition for the sacrifice. Because the animals have to be born before the spring to meet the shariah age requirements, the animals were also given non-organic grains as part of their diet. This year inshaa'Allah the cost of the animal will be $750 and the animal will be around 80lbs - 100LBS. Our animals will be processed at a USDA certified facility, cut into smaller pieces and packed into vacuum sealed bags.  

    This option here is for a full animal donation, we will choose the animal for you, perform the Udhaya on your behalf and deliver the meat to the Food Bank of NYC. 

    If you would like the sacrifice to be made in someone's name, please specify the person's name in the comments section at the checkout. 

    Jazakom Allah kheir for your donation- may it be accepted by the Almighty and may He increase you in rank for feeding the needy. 


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