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Organic Whole Chicken

$7.50 - $26.25
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  • Description

    Whole Chicken weighing between 3lbs and 4lbs. 

    The chickens are free range, certified organic, and are raised organically without the use of genetically engineered grains, antibiotics, hormones or any other growth promoting drugs.  All our chickens are now air-chilled which means NO added water or whatsoever, in fact the birds lose on average 5% of it water weight during the chilling process, this means you get nothing but tasty, Tayeb chickens and more meat for your dollar spent. 

    All weights are rough estimates +/- 0.50 LBS. When we process our animals it is very hard to get an exact weight on each cut.

  • Review
    • 5
      Chicken whole

      Posted by Cindy on 18th Jul 2023

      Great love them cook on the grill .

    • 5
      Whole chickens

      Posted by Cindy on 27th Jul 2022

      These are the best chickens I’ve ever had .They are perfect on the grill with a little seasoning and sauce.I will keep buying these love them.They even taste different and are leaner than other chickens.

    • 5
      Best chicken

      Posted by Basima on 21st Jul 2022

      Chicken was the reason my friend told me about Halal Pastures, she said she orders from them because the chicken taste better, and I have been ordering from them for the past 9 months, and was never disappointed! I LOVE their chicken. I can eat it cooked fresh or even cold pieces on my salad the next day! Will continue to order from them.

    • 5
      Whole organic chicken

      Posted by Cynthia McCollum Uzzo on 30th Dec 2020

      Both of my grandmothers in North Carolina raised their own chickens; we were accustomed to very good poultry. This chicken is good enough to give away as gifts. Make sure you order enough for yourself as well.

    • 5
      Delicious Chicken

      Posted by MC on 12th Aug 2020

      We cooked this chicken on our grill on the rotisserie and the flavor was delicious. Highly recommend it!

    • 5

      Posted by hoque on 18th May 2020

      Packaging was very cold when it came and I have my in law never liked USA normal chicken but they love the taste and we gave one chicken to friend they want to try it. keep up the good work.

    • 5
      Excellent quality; full of flavor

      Posted by Hajjah Shari on 10th May 2020

      We have ordered the whole chicken before and have always been satisfied with the product. The whole chicken we received in our most recent order was a bit larger, with plump leg parts and full breast. My husband roasted with lots of garlic and herbs - it was a thing of beauty. Even he made comment during last night's iftar that the breast was quite moist. Thank you for continuing to make wholesome, zabiha-halal meat and poultry available for all. May Allah reward you with increased success.

    • 3

      Posted by Afeefa Zaman on 19th Jul 2018

      This whole chicken comes with skin on. For those who want to roast a whole chicken, this is probably perfect. I just wish they added more options regarding cut/piece size. For people who just want to make a chicken curry or biryani, defrosting it (it comes frozen solid), then butchering it, is not a clean, short or easy job. I ordered this accidentally, as the option for whole chicken cut into 12 pieces recently disappeared, and I didn't realize this wasn't the same thing.. I won't be ordering this again.

    • 5
      A thing of beauty

      Posted by Muhammad Sameer on 16th May 2017

      Did a roast with this and it was a thing of beauty. Clear difference in texture, smell, taste right off the bat. Was hesitant at first and thought that maybe there would be an overly poultry smell/taste but was completely wrong. Would buy it again if it wasn't close to $20/chicken.

    • 5
      small chicken, perfect for roasting

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jan 2017

      Roasted in the oven with garlic and herbs -- healthy, quick, and economical

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Our Chicken is:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Certified Halal, hand slaughtered
  • Air chilled for optimal taste
  • Gmo free
  • No animal byproducts
  • Packaged in a vacuum sealed bag
  • No hormoes or antibiotics


Always Halal. Always Organic

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