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Organic Chicken Cut Up Into Pieces

$7.99 - $23.97
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  • Description

    Whole chicken cut into 8-10 pieces " Butti ". Excellent for chicken beryani. 

    All our chickens are now air-chilled which means NO added water or what so ever, in fact the birds lose on average 5% of it water weight during the chilling process, this means you get nothing but tasty, tayeb chickens and more meat for your dollar spent. 

    All weights are rough estimates +/- 0.50 LBS. When we process our animals/birds it is very hard to get an exact weight on each cut.

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  • Review
    • 5

      Posted by Malaak on 1st Jun 2021

      Very tasty and juicy! A clear winner with the family

    • 5
      Excellent Quality Chicken

      Posted by Aleeze on 26th Dec 2020

      Very delicious and good quality chicken cut into pieces. Made Yummy chicken Karahi and chicken biriyani with this chicken !

    • 5
      Great quality chicken!

      Posted by FJ on 17th Nov 2020

      These cut up chicken pieces were really great quality, just like the chicken tenders I ordered from Halal Pastures. Very happy with my purchase! Overall, excellent service as well, I was promptly notified when my order had shipped and during the delivery time as well.

    • 5
      High Quality, Organic Chicken,

      Posted by Maryam on 2nd Nov 2020

      I absolutely appreciate and love that I can order Halal Certified Organic chicken and have it delivered to my doorstep. The meat is very clean and packaged professionally and most importantly, it is DELICIOUS! I love using the skinless cut-up whole chicken when I make a variety of foods like soup, stew, and saalen. I'm so thankful that I can feed my family chicken/meat that is clean, and free and antibiotics and growth hormones. Thank you Halal Pastures!

    • 5
      Cut piece chicken

      Posted by Hina Kidwai on 2nd Mar 2020

      Very good chicken quality

    • 5
      Excellent quality

      Posted by Ikhlaq Hashmi on 8th May 2019

      Thank you for the delicious meat! Everybody can taste the difference. Please keep this excellent quality.

    • 5
      Good Quality

      Posted by Saima on 13th Jun 2018

      I was afraid that the chicken would defrost a bit in shipping but it came to my door frozen solid. I was happy with the way it was packed. After unpacking I put it in the freezer right away. After defrosting prior to cooking, I found the quality of the chicken to be good and was cleaned well. Hardly any fat on the pieces. I only wish that there were an option to choose how many pieces you want the chicken to be cut in when ordering. I found some of the chicken pieces quite large so I had to chop them down further prior to cooking. Overall very happy with the purchase. Hope halal pastures reducing the shipping cost!

    • 4

      Posted by Afeefa Zaman on 17th Mar 2018

      I love the fact that I can have HFSAA certified halal chicken delivered to my door. None of the halal meat stores near me are HFSAA certified. It took about 3 days to arrive, but was frozen solid, with dry ice. The chicken was very clean and good quality. The pieces were fairly large (12 pieces per chicken). I would have preferred smaller pieces, and hope they offer a choice of smaller sized pieces in the future. It was packaged in a clean strong plastic bag. Flat packaging would have been preferred, but this works too. Each package had a label on it, though some labels slid off later. Another option that I would like to see in the future would be smaller weight packages. I cook for a small family of 2 adults, and 4 lbs of chicken is more than what I want to cook in one meal. But if I thaw this out, I have to cook all of it soon, or risk food poisoning. Still, I love the service, and will be ordering again!

    • 5
      Great Chicken

      Posted by Ahmed kothawala on 4th Jan 2018

      I am a chicken fan and I loved this chicken cut-up pack. Usually in stores here, they cut the chicken into un-identifiable chunks, but these were well cut, fresh and tasty. Thank you!

    • 5
      Good quality

      Posted by Tasleyma Sattar on 6th Sep 2017

      Good quality, clean meat. Cooks well. Would recommend.

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Our Chicken is:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Certified Halal, hand slaughtered
  • Air chilled for optimal taste
  • Gmo free
  • No animal byproducts
  • Packaged in a vacuum sealed bag
  • No hormoes or antibiotics


Always Halal. Always Organic

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