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Breakfast Sausage Organic 100% Grass-Fed With Casing

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    This delicious sausage compliments any meal. Our breakfast sausage is made with our halal organic 100% grass fed ground beef and is mixed with our special spice blend of Organic Thyme, Organic Rosemary, Organic Salt, Organic Nutmeg, Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Cayenne, Organic Sage. Our sausages are also nitrate and nitrite free! 

    Our sausages come in 2 packages. Each package has 5 links for a total of 10 links. 

    All weights are rough estimates +/- 0.25LBS. When we process our animals it is very hard to get an exact weight on each cut.

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  • Review
    • 3

      Posted by KG Dinning on 4th Aug 2020

      Too salty for my taste.

    • 5

      Posted by Murtaza on 26th Apr 2016

      The flavoring added to the meat is basic, it's good while not overpowering the taste of the meat. And the meat itself was excellent!

    • 5
      Excellent Breakfast Sausage

      Posted by Jessenia on 20th May 2015

      I was so excited to find an organic halal option for breakfast meats so I ordered it and the other types of sausage right away. To top it off my order arrived super fast. This sausage is so tasty. Good portion. Is not encased so you can shape it into a patty as well. I loved the flavor, you could taste the sage along with other spices. Was lean but still had a little bit of fat that helped with the cooking. Will definitely order again.

    • 5

      Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2015

      really great sausage! would be nice if it was cased, but regardless the flavors and spices are very tasty.

    • 4
      more breakfast spice?

      Posted by John on 31st Mar 2015

      It is wonderful to have a service like this available. I ordered my food on a Monday and it came to my house on Tuesday. I really appreciate the quick shipping. As for the breakfast sausage itself, I found the meat very tender and the sausage of high quality. As these sausages are beef, there is an inherent beef flavor and texture. This isn't a bad thing, but prospective consumers should expect it. I would prefer the breakfast sausage to have more sausage flavor and spice. While these were good, maybe the could have more sage? Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and am looking forward to trying the other sorts of sausage available here.

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Our Beef is:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • 100% Grass-Fed and Grass Finished
  • Black Angus or British White Park Breed
  • Dry Aged for 10 to 14 days
  • Not given any grains whatsoever
  • Certified Hand Slaughtered- Zhabiha Halal
  • No Stunning
  • Each piece of meat is hand cut by a Master Butcher
  • Packaged by hand in vacuum sealed bags
  • Raised in New York


Always Halal. Always Organic

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