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Beef Organs Organic 100% Grass Fed

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    The Organ package! In this package you will get a mix of either the beef heart, tongue, kidney and/or oxtail.  Our 3 pound package contains 2-3 individual bags. 

    Our cows live on 1,000 acres in upstate New York and are rotationally grazed on certified organic pasture. Rotationally grazing means that the animals are moved from one paddock of pasture to another so that they are constantly getting fresh grass to eat. There are no chemical or synthetic fertilizers used on the pasture. The cows have not been given any hormone implants or any type of hormones and have never been given any antibiotics. 

    All weights are rough estimates +/- 0.25LBS. When we process our animals it is very hard to get an exact weight on each cut.

  • Review
    • 5

      Posted by Yulia on 14th Dec 2023

      Glad to find pastured organic halal organ meat

    • 5
      Uzbek delicacy!

      Posted by Patricia Winfield on 24th Feb 2022

      The package arrived vacuum sealed in a boxed cooler with dry ice and inside there was a tongue and a quarter heart. The tongue went great on low in the crockpot for about a day. The heart will go about the same way. Excellent meat for my expecting wife. Thank you!

    • 5
      Perfect for soup

      Posted by Unknown on 28th May 2016

      These oxtails make the best oxtail soup. The cuts have a good balance between bone and meat.

    • 5
      oxtail soup

      Posted by Unknown on 20th Sep 2015

      Best (and only) way we cook oxtail is to boil it, similar to boiling chicken. (whole onion, salt/pepper to taste). Once complete, can quickly sear the oxtails in pan with some butter for added flavor. Super tender.

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Our Beef is:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • 100% Grass-Fed and Grass Finished
  • Black Angus or British White Park Breed
  • Dry Aged for 10 to 14 days
  • Not given any grains whatsoever
  • Certified Hand Slaughtered- Zhabiha Halal
  • No Stunning
  • Each piece of meat is hand cut by a Master Butcher
  • Packaged by hand in vacuum sealed bags
  • Raised in New York


Always Halal. Always Organic

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