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All our animals and birds are hand slaughtered by our muslim crew, adhering to the atmost Sharia'h standards. 

 The word halal literally means lawful  according to Islamic jurisprudence. In the case of animals, Islamic adab advises that animals certain rights such as:-

  1. The right to live a minimum amount of time. An animal is given the time to mature naturally without the use of growth hormones or genetically modifying certain traits to grow faster
  2. The right to offspring
  3. The right to live according to its natural habitat. 
  4. The right to wholesome food that is not harmful, GM corn is hot harmless and it is not natural. Based on many scientific researchs, GMO's are harmful to animals. 
  5. The right to a dignified death, animals must be slaughtered by hand and while doing so the name of Allah SWT must be uttered. Before, during and after the slaughtering certain things has to be followed:-
  • The slaughtering knife has to be sharpened so that with one cut the two jugular veins are severed
  • The animal must not see the blade
  • Other animals must not witness the slaughter
  • The animal must be allowed time for the soul to depart the body and for the majority of the blood to drain out of the veins
  • Processing can not start until the animal has completely stopped moving 


Always Halal. Always Organic

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