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Burger Patties Organic 100% Grass Fed

$14.99 - $52.46
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  • Description

    Halal Pastures' signature burger has gotten great reviews! It is a mix of special cuts that melt in your mouth. There are 4 patties in one bag and they each patty weighs about 0.31lbs each. The 3.5LBS option has 3 individual bags. 

    Our cows live on 1,000 acres in upstate New York and are rotationally grazed on certified organic pasture. Rotationally grazing means that the animals are moved from one paddock of pasture to another so that they are constantly getting fresh grass to eat. There are no chemical or synthetic fertilizers used on the pasture. The cows have not been given any hormone implants or any type of hormones and have never been given any antibiotics. 

    All weights are rough estimates +/- 0.25LBS. When we process our animals it is very hard to get an exact weight on each cut.

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  • Review
    • 5

      Posted by Gail J Breton on 9th Jul 2021

      I Only buy my burgers from Halal. They cook up juicy, flavorful and very tasty. I wont buy from anyone else.

    • 5
      The best

      Posted by Hend Hilali on 31st Mar 2021

      The quality and flavor of these burgers is superb. We only add salt and pepper. They turn out juicy and just the right thickness for the best burgers at home. I have never had a better burger.

    • 5

      Posted by Erica Sudderth on 16th Mar 2021

      The burgers did not disappoint. Truly flavorful and delicious.

    • 5
      burger patties

      Posted by Telha on 4th Nov 2020

      very tender and delicious! totally worth it!

    • 5
      Beef Patties

      Posted by MC on 12th Aug 2020

      These beef patties are absolutely delicious! They are so juicy and all we add to spice them up is some salt and pepper.

    • 5

      Posted by Shaymaa Abdelkader on 22nd May 2020

      I never had a halal burger as Amazing tast like this , I recommend

    • 5
      High quality

      Posted by Khayam on 30th Apr 2020

      Thank you for providing the opportunity to the Muslims in America to be able to eat lawful wholesome pasture raised halal meat.

    • 5
      Beef burger

      Posted by Muhammad Bilal on 19th Mar 2019

      After eating these patties I stopped eating cheeseburgers from outside. The beef is very tender and cooks perfectly for homemade cheeseburger.

    • 5
      Burger Patties

      Posted by Stephanie on 22nd Feb 2019

      Soooooo good and delicious. They do seem to have a higher fat content, but they are truly the best burgers to have ever graced our grill. MashAllah!

    • 5
      Beef patties

      Posted by Sahera on 8th Aug 2018

      My grandchildren are just loving them! They are Gluten Free which is awesome. Adding our own spices, usually just salt and pepper makes them delicious. Yes, they are pricey but worth it! We usually throw them on a skillet or BBQ! Thank you HP!

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Our Beef is:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • 100% Grass-Fed and Grass Finished
  • Black Angus or British White Park Breed
  • Dry Aged for 10 to 14 days
  • Not given any grains whatsoever
  • Certified Hand Slaughtered- Zhabiha Halal
  • No Stunning
  • Each piece of meat is hand cut by a Master Butcher
  • Packaged by hand in vacuum sealed bags
  • Raised in New York


Always Halal. Always Organic

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