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Organic Halal Meat Share Summer/Fall

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    Our Organic Halal Meat Share program is only for members of our CSA. Enjoy a share of our organic halal meat to be delivered monthly. Share program runs from June-November. Receive about 13-15lbs of meat per month. 

    The organic halal meat share includes:

    1 organic halal whole chicken (1 x 3.0-3.5lbs)

    1 organic halal whole chicken cut into pieces (1 x 3.0-3.5lbs)

    3 organic halal boneless skinless chicken breast (3x 1lb packages)

    2 organic 100% grass-fed halal ground beef (2 x 1lb packages)

    2 organic 100% grass fed halal steaks (2 x 1.25lbs packages of either ribeye, sirloin, flank, skirt, chuck, porterhouse or T-bone, depending on what is available)

    Below are the details of the Organic Halal Meat Share program:

    1. Delivery will be the first day of each month- June, July, August, September, October and November.

    2. Be sure to sign up for the Share of Organically Grown Vegetables Summer/Fall

    3. The cost is $850 for the season (which breaks down to $170 per month). 

    4. In the event we don't have one of the products available for the share, we will be sure to substitute with a similar product.

    To sign up for the Organic Halal Meat Share, just click below to add the meat box to your cart and chose where you would like to pickup the meat share and check out!  We will follow up when your first share is ready for pickup (We aren't shipping shares at this time.)

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Our meat is certified organic, meaning there are non-GMO! No antibiotics whatsoever, no synthetic hormones whatsoever and no genetically modified grains whatsoever. Our cows are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. The animals and birds are raised humanely.  Our animals are harvested with care and respect, by hand while uttering the name of Allah (SWT).

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Always Halal. Always Organic

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