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Organic Chicken Feet

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  • Description

    Organic halal free range chicken feet. Each Package has 2 to 3 bags

     All our chickens are air-chilled which means NO added water or whatsoever, in fact the birds lose on average 5% of it water weight during the chilling process, this means you get nothing but tasty, tayeb chickens and more meat for your dollar spent. 

    All weights are rough estimates +/- 0.40 LBS.

1.00 LBS
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Our Chicken is:

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Certified Halal, hand slaughtered
  • Air chilled for optimal taste
  • Gmo free
  • No animal byproducts
  • Packaged in a vacuum sealed bag
  • No hormoes or antibiotics


Always Halal. Always Organic

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